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got out of town but i got this really weird and bizarre question i want to ask you . and with that preface here it is so driving cars that are becoming more popular but we also read about hackers i know there was a tesla that was hacked from a number of miles away i read so is it possible in the future we're going to have to worry about self driving cars be hacked and essentially cars being weaponized perhaps and you know support of some terrorist activity told you it was weird it's not a weird question you're actually spot on the reason we don't have autonomous cars on the road today because of some of these factors we have insurance regulations government regulations the hackers and the attorneys who are just waiting for someone to hack so the current administration has stopped what they call v. to v. which is vehicle to vehicle communications and the reason that is that's going to actually slow down this autonomous cars and i'm currently today in buffalo we just had a seventy five car pile up because of a white out there is nothing an autonomous car could have done to save you it
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probably would have been worse and the reason for that is when those cameras which work on lidar and radar when they're blocked because of ice and snow you need to have the skills in order to take over that vehicle if they're not going to teach people how to drive cars anymore you're asking for a lot of problems so i think before you jump to the autonomous car concept maybe just call a new birth if you don't want to drive. lauren fix the car coach i love that car coach great brand and we hope you'll come back thanks for joining us take care any time thank you to. time now for a quick break but stick around because when we return we'll examine britain's trade options as bret's it approaches plus we'll ask brian martin of trinity asset management if the bond markets are about to make a big move as we go to break here the numbers check out oil still above sixty it. at the closing bell.
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los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. simple fact in l.a. he's there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man phoned his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution. on a city parking space is not a solution. someone wanted touring the site otherwise it'll be
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a free for all they're a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. it's the cradle of jazz. we. knows this jazz feel. the city of climatic testify is alligators on the loose. and crying for use by the least twenty homes. it was a mob close most. of street racing in the face of the night this is new orleans supplement the best place in the world. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. i'm going to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well he's a little bit different i'm not a. good one no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm shooting the brood have fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. hello my name's peter and i've been living in bushnell for about seven years and this is a film about just some of the crazy things i've got soaked through in the time.
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let me just published or did you cry because if i had such. a stance is not sufficient. please. china's crackdown on pollution has put the nation on track to be the number one
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importer of natural gas for twenty twenty eighteen potentially overtaking japan the current leading importer of natural gas china is already the largest importer of coal and oil worldwide but increasing demand in domestically has forced china to import more than forty percent of its energy needs in twenty seventeen alone experts estimated that the country will have imported more than sixty seven million tons of gas that has come after china started a massive green initiative last year hoping to cut down on the number of companies and households that have been dependent on coal in an effort to clean up their air and boy if you've been to beijing they need it. the brazilian state oil company has agreed to pay two point nine billion dollars to settle a class action lawsuit by investors in the united states who bought petro bost securities between two thousand and ten and two thousand and fifteen the settlement
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is reportedly the fifth largest ever for a securities related lawsuit and the largest ever paid by a foreign corporation in the united states the payout is the latest consequence of what has been called operation carwash the scandal in which top petro boss officials conspired with outside firms to overcharge the company and then exchanged kickbacks and bribes. petro boss officials say car wash bribes may totaled nearly three billion dollars plaintiff's lawyers argued that carwash corruption was a significant factor and petro boces loss of ninety percent of their market value between two thousand and nine and two thousand and fifteen the carwash investigation revealed a vast network of corruption implicating partners including the massive international construction firm ota brecht which alleged dealings in turn spawned investigations and scandal across south america and brazil for example the carwash
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investigation who resulted in more than one hundred convictions and other charges against the sitting president michel temeraire to merit voided prosecution but was criticized for a christmas decree just days ago on pardons that the brazil attorney general said could undermine the carwash case important to have strong attorney generals the head of the supreme court later suspended key provisions of the decree. britain is reportedly considering joining the pacific trade group after brook's it this comes as the country is considering its trade future outside of the european union but would this move be in the country's best interest archies ashley banks joins us all borrowed according to the financial times of britain were to join the t.p. after brags that it could possibly help revitalize the partnership and could likely bolster exports in the united kingdom as well the country has been and formal talks
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about joining of the trade group the proposal for britain was developed by liam fox his department for international trade and if britain does move forward and join the t.p. it would become the first member of the group that doesn't share a border with either the pacific ocean or the south china sea great hands a u.k. trade minister told the financial times there wasn't any geographical restriction on britain joining the t.p. piecing quote nothing is excluding in all of this with these kinds of a plural lateral relationships there doesn't have to be any geographical restriction however many trade experts are skeptical of britain joining the t.p. p. just last year the t p p's future appear to be in shambles when us president donald trump pulled out of the trade pact yet in november the remaining eleven members which includes all strauss mexico and japan they agreed to pursue a successor deal some argue the tepee would impact blue collar jobs while the u.k.
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engages in trade with p.p.p. countries that pales in comparison to its trade relationship with the e.u. members and the us for example let's take a look at japan now according to mit's observatory of economic complexity it has a largest economy and the t p p but it can account for just one point six per cent of the u.k.'s goods exports in two thousand and sixteen and during the first half of twenty seven thousand and the u.k. exported. most one point seven billion euros and services to japan which equates to about a tenth of the sixteen point six billion the u.k. services industries export it to the us now the u.k. cabinet having yet discuss a britain potentially joining the t.p. p. there are meant secretary michael gove a set late last year parliament would have an effective veto over any trade deal now the labor party criticised the british government's interest in the t p p's
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saying it should focus closer to home specifically on britain's key future trading arrangement with the e.u. now barry gardiner the shadow trade secretary said quote of course t.p. could be helpful but it is not the main event and at the moment the government is making a hash of that and the former lib dem leader tim farron said quote this smacks of desperation these people want us to leave a market on our doorstep and join a different smaller one on the other side of the world it's all in the sky thinking part of this time it is illegal for the u.k. to sign trade deals before it leaves the e.u. but things could change come twenty one thousand post brock's at. our bond markets about to make moves brian gold martin proposal manager of trinity
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asset management joins us to discuss brian thanks for being with us happy new year hope you're staying warm there and in chicago one of the people works here said their fathers the temperature in their cars said it was nine below over the weekend before we get to talking about bond market specifically you're a well known investment advisor give us your take on markets in general and in the u.s. and around the world please. well i think their equity markets. are pretty healthy right now you know it relates to the to our bond market discussion but yellen and bernanke both said during their their years at the fad that they needed help. in terms of fiscal policy from congress with with their monetary policy stimulus so they cut rates as low as they can you know obviously zero you can't go lower than that although there were lower in europe but now you've got the fiscal stimulus
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that two fed chairs have practically begged for four years so you know the tax the tax bill tax reform should be a big deal although it should be should be a stimulus to both the economy and to corporate earnings s. and p. five hundred earnings aloa it may take a while to kind wind its way through the system but i think you know i think you're the world globe the global markets the u.s. market s. and p. five hundred are very healthy valuations are reasonable and i think the one fly in the ointment you know the one thing that could cause a problem is the bond market what you did this or in arresting opinion piece brian on markets and and you i love analogies and metaphors and you likened the bond markets to an old mafioso saying about a snake and waiting and you tell us more about that because i think our viewers
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might enjoy it. well you know you and i are roughly the same age part you know i graduated with a finance degree from from a small small school in ohio in one thousand nine hundred two when i was studying money in banking and economics volcker was pushing the short term rates up to twenty percent so you've got an entire generation of investors who know nothing but bullish bond markets and lower rates and you know that the whole metaphor the whole analogy about the snake lays coiled you know i think it's going to come from the bond market when there is a problem and you know people when i talk to clients they just they have no conception that that rates that a ten year treasury yield could get up to five or maybe even seven percent although changes in the u.s. economy in the in the years that you and i have been. making a living have kind of have fostered very low inflation rates but that can always
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change to me that to me it's about a lot a lot of investing is about expectations and a lot of it is about sentiment and i think that there's an entire generation of investors in the u.s. market today they just don't have. don't have a fear or worry about what higher interest rates could do so that's where you know that's what i worry about but you're mafia references that make it the battle between the naples mafiosos and that there is always a snake waiting in the grass and you think that the bond markets are sort of the snake net waiting in the grass but coiled up and ready to strike which i love that brian now look the differences in the yields between the longer and shorter dated bonds like the two in ten have fell in december to their lowest in the the yields are closer together between the two in the tent but what does that say about the
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slowing economy if anything. well i don't i don't think it's about the slowing economy of part you know and we call that yield curve flattening so yeah you're you're exactly right i think the two year yield is roughly is closing in on two percent i think it's one point nine percent where the ten year yield went out today about two forty four so is the is the ten year yield has come down a little bit that the two year deal this push up so you we've had a flattening but i don't think it's about a slowing economy i think it what it is it's about inflation you know. again you know you and i are roughly the same age amazon has had it in my opinion has had a tremendous impact on the consumer price index in the last twenty years just look at retail bankruptcies. you know when your competitor channel channels did a show today and said that they expect thirty three percent higher retail store closings in twenty eighteen then twenty seventeen people just aren't going to
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aren't going shopping going out shopping like they used to and you know i think that that's the amazon effect that's been growing and growing for the last five five or ten years and it's had it's actually pulled down consumer inflation so. to your point i don't think that the flattening yield curve is about slow a slowing u.s. economy i think it's worries that inflation won't reignite and i you know and that's what i worry about that's where i think it might be wrong all right brian we want to have you back and got lots of other things to talk about you coming on stay warm brian gilmartin portfolio manager of trinity asset management thanks again. thanks mark. this week's powerball lottery is worth over four hundred forty million dollars founded in one thousand nine hundred two the twenty six year old state lottery has generated billions of dollars over the years but that's just the tip of
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the iceberg in twenty sixteen americans spent more than seventy three billion dollars on lottery tickets seventy two times more than the one billion dollar jackpot for that year some states have spent more than one billion dollars in lottery revenue on public education while pennsylvania has spent more than two hundred sixty four million dollars on housing rebates for older disabled citizens if you're going to play this wednesday i think it's later this evening ten thirty or eleven be ready to lose the chance of winning is two hundred ninety two million to one. thanks for watching if you're sure to catch boom bust on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust r.t. catch you next time.
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because gold is periodic album number seventy nine and has unique attributes that make it great for money they think a big point it would not more in a vacuum it has got forty years of history to it and it's evolved through all these technologies it's a unique protocol and it like gold it is attracting a huge amount of capital for for the for this achievement and you can't say that you can simply go out there and create another one there are competitors of course just like there are competing species on planet earth for energy and survival but there's only one the apex predator that is at the moment before he dies from all the garbage. it's the cradle of jazz. the americas the america we. knows just jazz feeling. a city of climatic testify
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is alligators on the loose of poverty and crime are used by the least twill members of my friends close most. of street racing in the peace of the night this is a new orleans song from the best place in the world. their arms military chief declares that we can own and. government protests are over we look at how the demonstrators were encouraged from abroad also to come on r.t. a rise in violent crime in one of germany's regions is linked to an influx of young male migrants according to government backed research and the u.s. national security adviser says washington should reveal what he calls insidious
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russian meddling to prevent further interference. but i welcome to day here in moscow you're watching international. now iran's military chief says the civil unrest which has blighted to the country for a week is now over but it has come at a cost of at least twenty one lives this protest repeatedly turned violent and there are still reports of small demonstrations last night when the armrests began as a working class protest against declining living standards and high unemployment but they widened into anti-government rallies u.s. leaders were quick to throw their support behind them because on the situation in our reports they downplay the key reason behind. when they ask for
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a better economy when they ask for the government to spend money on their own country as opposed to terror exploits overseas or in other countries sure we would certainly do when they say that to you i support mat i'm not going to go i'm not going to see that's why you're trying to trap me into something like that i'm not going to go there to try that is no that is not our that is not our policy but we hear what the iranian people are saying poverty corruption and economic uncertainty have the potential to trigger protests in the world over. and they can quickly turn ugly. but the international reaction to such unrest seems to depend on the country in question this is the precise picture of a long oppressed people rising up against their dictators so with all the money i mean in any country people can protest against high prices but when have a such them astray sions happen in our country opponents of the establishment come out and support them and some western leaders are barely able to contain their
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enthusiasm for regime change and are rushing to throw their weight behind the demonstrators we are now seeing an organic popular uprising organized organized by brave iranian citizens on the largest scale since two thousand and nine the greats of rain young people have been repressed for many years they're hungry for food for freedom along with human rights the world. if iran has been looted song for change it is essential that western powers britain britain pickaninny. the west the powers. back in the arena. because it's only with their backing that the the iranian people will be secure and can go all the way in securing their freedom in the previous regime but we've seen where this apparent pro-democracy fervor can lead. to in a year. the american president says he supports the protesters but these protests
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are not protests against the government these kinds of demonstrations happen in any country and they are against rising prices but each time these demonstrations happen we see that the authorities opponents use them for their own purposes the majority in iran i believe want evolution not revolution people arab spring style which has brought so much suffering elsewhere on the other hand the west seems oddly quiet about the massive rallies that are being held across iran in support of the government to. the root of it is just a canard it's the problem of youth unemployment i personally haven't been able to find a job for a long time but if people have a job they don't have any problem with the government of course most of iran's economic problems are domestically generation but another reason why investment and
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thus new jobs have been slow in coming is that contrary to their obligations under the u.k.'s agreement western countries notably the united states have not taken sufficient steps to facilitate normal financial flows when it comes to iran the west says it's listening but clearly selectively as co-opting democracy for its own ends. it's a difficult habit to break and it's hard to see. what is the around protest started to get more international attention some post on social media spread rapidly despite being proven as fakes this tweet for example shows a photo of a woman hitting police officers with the caption iran but it did turn out to be a screen shot from an iranian movie after being exposed the man who posted it claimed it was supposed to be symbolic and the video which gained thousands of used to and we said to show a march in iran was later proved to be a protest in bahrain from twenty eleven other fakes were probably less clear such
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as this one this posters claim to show the uprising when it was actually a photo of a pro government rally. so a rise in violent crime in germany's lower saxony region is being linked to an increase in migrants in the government study but is it really that simple takes a closer look why have reports of violent crime in one german state increased by more than ten percent in the last two years but this is exactly what a group of criminologist said seumas university of applied science sitar to find and what they established is that there is a link between the increased violent crimes in lowest sex to me and the influx of migrants but the authors say there are a number of important contributing factors the first and foremost is the age of the migrants most of men between the ages of fourteen and thirteen now generally
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speaking people in this age bracket are more likely to commit acts of a vine of nature than people in other age groups secondly where they come from is important migrants who come from syria iraq and afghanistan tend not to carry out the same number of violent acts as migrants for example that are coming from north africa and then third what is also relevant is the fact that there is a lack of women among the migrants only a quarter of migrants are female which means that you have groups of young men without their wives their mothers will be sisters and they are more likely to carry out acts of a violent nature now these findings do reflect earlier reportings that suggests that there is an increase in acts of a violent nature that are connected to the migrant crisis since two thousand and fifteen more than a million migrant have arrived here in germany that's say that wolf is there is an
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important mitigating factor and this is and it could be that people may be more likely to report acts violent acts that are carried out by migrants than if they would carry. by local german is now criminologist belief that only integration is a solution and should bring down the high level of crime rates among my goodness kind of post from our point of view the study shows once again that you must not abandon those who come to us but actively provide integration that means for example compulsory and comprehensive integration and language courses places in kindergarden in schools let's ask people here in berlin what they think other things today he would say that this is coming from both sides the more people that come the more the dissatisfaction will be from those who have lived here long or i think that's something that should be driven by politics but and at the end of the day it's just it's just part of the society that we all need to change and
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integrate people better by about changing our behavior and that you can lose a really of it one of the more radical solutions would be to deploy the immigrants from germany interation stuff it's all day they need to work at some point being an immigrant and working it's a different story we're kind of try to to get them get them something worthwhile to do while a solution to the problem continues to be sort of a sad reality is that a violent crimes continue. our team. while the chairman of the vice pardon academy for integration believes the same behavioral patterns can actually be found among any group regardless of whether they have a migrant background or not. what is written in the report is basically common sense that people without any perspective living standards which are very hard are common to go into
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the thinking about criminal activities if you talk about integration of immigrants it's a dialogue and once for integration you have to build perspectives and give them the chance to be one part of the society but on the other hand you have to hear the worries about germans and find together with those people who have worries solutions which can help for a better future together. now the u.s. national security adviser has his knives out for the new year with the call to reveal what he describes as insidious russian meddling h.r. mcmaster here says that pulling back the curtain might be a vital step to prevent interference the russian blaming trend hit full throttle most a year ago with the release of a us intelligence report that kept the momentum going throughout the whole of.


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